Mungus the Fest - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

Mungus the Fest - 32 oz. Crowler Fill

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Festbier  | 5.7% 

Let us bring you back to where word is born. A silhouette appears. Dug into the hillsides we see him high kicking through shafts of light. Shin meets mug rug and we know not where chin locks end and man begins. The heavens part and we see his face, dancing with the third eye navigator living in harmony for he has found an oasis. We think Mungus had a good idea, brew rich and creamy smooth, clean, pale German lager and ferry the toast to quiet busy minds.  Smells like The Fermented. The Heavenly. The Joy Bringer. The Addition To The Meal. The Plentiful. The Beautiful & Good. Tastes like Fall-Time.


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